The Wallace Collection

Last Saturday I went to visit the Wallace Collection when I heard it has many great works from Boucher and Fragonard, also I can get benefit from their armour collection for designning characters and outfits. However I went a little bit late and only got a chance to see the paintings and small objects before they closed.

The first thing I found interesting was a pair of pattens, the shape of it is very strange because of the narrowed front, seems like having longer feet was the fashion trend for high class people at the time.

Moved to the second floor, there are four large paintings from the famous Rococo painter Boucher. Rococo, also known as the Late-Baroque, was a delicate, asymmetry, sometime even flighty art style with many Naples yellow. It was influenced from “Oriental” art including Chinese Erotic Drawing and Japanese’s Shunga. Therefore the themes and the objects are mainly nobility and their lives, in stead of mythology or gods.

The craftsmanship of these decorative objects are really good.

These two are the most famous works in the collection: Fragonard’s The Swing, and Boucher’s┬áPortrait of Madame de Pompadour.