Research Study of Subculture: Zoot Suit

The study of the cases in the subculture from the subculture how to resist the main culture (mainstream culture, subject culture, dominant culture), the style embodied in the resistance (subculture’s resistance to the main culture is not directly caused by the subculture It is indirectly expressed in the style.) And how the main culture captures the subculture from the perspective of cultural interpretation of the youth subculture.

With its super-sized shoulder pads, sprawling lapels and peg leg pants, the zoot suit grew out of the “drape” suits popular in Harlem dance halls in the mid-1930s.

The suits were worn by minority men in working-class neighborhoods throughout the country.

In 1943, young African Americans and Hispanics and clashed with soldiers  in Los Angeles. The riots were called “Zoot riots”

Zoot suits strengthen the wideness of wearer’s shoulder and the size of body, indicates power.

In Tom and Jerry, Tom wears Zoot suit to pursue the girl he likes and succeeded.

Zoot suit also influenced a trend “Power suit”, it was popular in 1970s and 1980s, even effected how movie stars and business man wears in Hong Kong.

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