Research Study: Dieselpunk

As the steampunk trope gained the attention of the masses every kind of retro-futurism was labeled as “Steampunk” and most people don’t know or care about the emerging “Dieselpunk” genre, often considered some variant of either Steampunk or Cyberpunk.

Dieselpunk however differs both in timeline and themes from Steampunk, the only overlapping being the First World War era.

The Taking of the Enka Fields (3 van 21)The Lost Tea Party

Israeli illustrator lord_k collected some illustrations from the 1930s Republic of China magazine, which he called “Chinese diesel punk.” There are some sci-fi and steampunk styles.

Check Out These Great Dieselpunk Concept Designs  - News - GeekTyrant

Horacio Coppola, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1936.

One of my personal favorite series of movies Mad Max was also influenced by dieselpunk, and has certain cult fans.Mad Max by Vance Kelly *PHOTO: Cars to survive the post-apocalyptic world. #MadMax

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