Analysis of Senior Thesis: Character Design 03

Step 07: simplify models


Tested in an auto rigging tool

When I was re-designing the armour, I struggled a lot, it always looked bad, and then I realised skeletons always look good, therefore I used ribs as reference.

Re-modeled face

Light testing: scattered light in maya

Step 08: design other characters

However I have not actually got a chance to use this model.

Step 09: Stage design

I attended a course called Wabi-Sabi: into the emptiness, which was to go for a trip in Tokyo and Kyoto, and then create works from the experience, I learnt a lot from the trip.


Analysis of Senior Thesis: Character Design 02

In the mean time, I was using sculpting class to build up this character.

Step 04: Designing based on characters I like (The Predator)

Combining the features from different characters

“Final Decision”

Modelling the mask and 3D printed it

First time entering the dungeons and dragons stores to get equipments to paint on the mask.

Final Sculpure

Step 05: Asset Design

Abandoned designs for masks

Actual armour design

However, it is nearly impossible to run armours in this kind of details in actual animation, therefore I needed to simplify them. But before that:

Step 06: Sound and Music

I used Protools to make the voice of my character, and the background music in the Sound for Animation class.




To be continued…

Analysis of Senior Thesis: Character Design 01

The aim of my project was to design 1-2 characters and the background story of them, and then build the world up and animate.

Step 01: Looking for references

I looked up mythologies from four different countries: China, India, Indonesia and Russia, found 11 gods/evils from them:

Mahāmāyūrī (The Peacock King) from Tibet (Buddhism)

Vajra Krodha Mahabala Ucchusma from Tibet (Buddhism) 

Mara-Papman from India (Buddhism)

Garuda from India (Hindu)

Kali from India (Hindu)

Rakshasa from India(Hindu)

Rangda and Barong from Indonesia (Bali)

Koschei from Russia

Leshy from Russia

Viy from Russia


Step 02: Start Doodling about the world I want to create:

Step 03: Start Modeling

First one was not that successful

I liked the second one better.

Also sculpted some skulls as references as well.

To be continued…